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Finesurrey, Samuel, Holliday Senquiz*, Theirno Diallo*, Sadaf Majeed*, Samantha Ruiz-Correa*, Elhadji Diagne*, Shaday Barrett*, Phisarys Sidemion*, Bashir Juwara*, Luz Hidalgo* and Samantha Hernandez*, with Michelle Fine, (Forthcoming) “Embodied Violence and Passions of Resilience: Tracing the Residues of Structural Violence in Student-Conducted Oral Histories of NYC Immigrants and Urban Dwellers of Color” in Urban Violence: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Perspectives edited by Ashvin Devasundaram, Zografos, Stamatis and Mattos, Marcio. Routledge Books.

Finesurrey, Samuel with Middle School Researchers Ixchel De Dios#, Abigail Eusebio#, Aslyn Harvey#, Viviana Houck-Loomis, Alison Mosquera#, Maxx Narine#, Nathaniel Santiago#, Branden Solomon#, Juliet Vargas#, Zoe Curiel#, Jayden Lopez#, Enzo Rosario#, Tilda Vesterberg# and Audrey Ruiz# (Under Review) “Critical Socio-Emotional Inquiry: A Youth-Led Longitudinal Oral History Project on Socio-Emotional Well-Being.” Urban Education.

Finesurrey, Samuel (May, 2022)“‘The Light that Shineth in the Darkness:’ The Evolution of U.S. Rural Missionaries’ Critical Consciousness during the Cuban Revolution,” Religions 13(6), 494.

Finesurrey, Samuel, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Michelle Fine, Aidan Lam#, Alondra Contreras#, Alanna Garcia#, Ashley Cruz#, Ariana Peña Ramírez#, Brandon Mendoza#, Joel Almonte#, Aidan Lam#, Siarra Savinon#, Noah Campbell#, Jesslin Hiraldo#, Lauren Santos#, Samantha Bruno#, Alyssa Victoria#, Noel Columna#, Naomi Pabon#, Mya Laporte#, Sheylany Paulino#, and Nathan Boissier# (May, 2022) “‘The Protests Made Me so Proud of Us’: Critical Participatory Action Research by Immigrant Youth of Color Bearing Witness to the Movement for Black Lives Racial Uprisings.” in Somebodiness: A Call For Dignity-Affirming Education, edited by D. Irby, Charles Payne and Charity Anderson. New York: Teachers College Press.

Finesurrey, Samuel, Camille Lester, Michelle Fine and the School in the Square Research Collective (March, 2022) “Just Inquiry Rooted in Critical Care: Participatory, Intergenerational Research Tracing the Legacy of School in the Square” in Caring and Being There: Complicating Qualitative Research with Youth in School Settings, edited by Veena Vasudevan, Nora Gross, Pavithra Nagarajan & Katie Clonan-Roy. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Press.

Finesurrey, Samuel, Waleska Cabrera, Meldis Jimenez, Brittiny Ando, Alanna Garcia, Alexander Garcia, Jayden Johnstone, Abdul Mohammed, Sheylany Paulino, Edwin Reed, Emelyn Saavedra, Gisselle Saavedra, Rajendra Singh, Aysia Smith, and Marlena Syriaque (June, 2021) “Dreaming of Home: Youth Researchers of Color Address NYC’s Housing Crisis,” Academic Works.

Fine, Michelle, Samuel Finesurrey, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Joel Almonte#, Alondra Contreras#, Aidan Lam#, and the S2 Research Collective (August, 2021)“‘People Are Demanding Justice’: Pandemics, Protests and Remote Learning in the Eyes of Immigrant Youth of Color.” Journal of Adolescent Research: Special Volume on Anti-Racist Research and Developmental Science.

Finesurrey, Samuel and Gary Graves, (January, 2021) American Government and Politics in Principal and Practice: Democracy, Rights, Freedom and Empire, Academic Works.   

Ayala, Jennifer, Michelle Fine, Maria del Cielo Mendez, Andrea Nikté, Juarez Mendoza, Juan Carlos Garcia Rivera, Samuel Finesurrey, Ariadna Villeda*, Hermanica Thelusca*, Viandry Mena*, Karim Azzam, Anne Galletta, Angelica Houston, Vanessa Jones, Dion Mungo (October, 2020) “Encuentros: Decolonizing the Academy and Mobilizing for Justice,” Qualitative Inquiry..

Adorno, Li, Jennifer Ayala, Karim Azzam, Maria del Cielo Mendez, Elsy Cruz, Michelle Fine, Samuel Finesurrey, Anne Galletta, Juan Carlos García Rivera, Katie Hass, Angelica Houston, Vanessa Jones, Viandry Mena*, Andrea Nikté Juarez Mendoza, Dion Mungo, Rosa Santana, Hermanica Thelusca*and Ariadna Villeda* (Winter, 2020) “Encuentros: The Obligation of the Academy and the Praxis of Intergenerational Oral Histories,” Bringing Theory to Practice Newsletter.

Finesurrey, Samuel (2019)Conducting Interviews,” in Ethnographies of Work,edited by Alia R. Tyler-Mullings, Mary Gotta, Ryan Coughlan, Manifold.


(*) Indicates Guttman Community College Undergraduate and Co-Author

(#) Indicates Middle/High School Youth Research and Co-Author