Rural Corporate Executives

Cultivating large tracts of land for mining, rail, tobacco, ranching and especially sugar operations, corporate executives of U.S. companies typically lived in segregated barrios americanos in rural Cuba while managing huge enterprises and collectively employing hundreds of thousands of Cuban and Caribbean workers. Unsurprisingly, the province of Oriente, where most of these large-scale operations were centered, became a hotbed for revolutionary activity in the late-1950s.


Oral Histories

Mr. Brewer was the Son of a American United Fruit Executive in Preston, Oriente. This is the Swimming Pool at the Preston United Fruit and Sugar Company Mill he would have enjoyed.

Kay Torpey is the Daughter of United Fruit and Sugar Executive William S. Chambers. While the family mostly lived in Havana, with UFSC’s center of operations in Eastern Cuba, Chambers worked between the cosmopolitan capital and the rural mills and plantations of Oriente.