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Ayala, Jennifer, Michelle Fine, Maria del Cielo Mendez, Andrea Nikté, Juarez Mendoza, Juan Carlos Garcia Rivera, Samuel Finesurrey, Ariadna Villeda*, Hermanica Thelusca*, Viandry Mena*, Karim Azzam, Anne Galletta, Angelica Houston, vanessa jones, Dion Mungo (October, 2020) “Encuentros: Decolonizing the Academy and Mobilizing for Justice,” Qualitative Inquiry..

Adorno, Li, Jennifer Ayala, Karim Azzam, Maria del Cielo Mendez, Elsy Cruz, Michelle Fine, Samuel Finesurrey, Anne Galletta, Juan Carlos García Rivera, Katie Hass, Angelica Houston, Vanessa Jones, Viandry Mena*, Andrea Nikté Juarez Mendoza, Dion Mungo, Rosa Santana, Hermanica Thelusca*and Ariadna Villeda* (Winter 2020) “Encuentros: The Obligation of the Academy and the Praxis of Intergenerational Oral Histories,” Bringing Theory to Practice Newsletter.

Finesurrey, Samuel (2019)Conducting Interviews,” in Ethnographies of Work,edited by Alia R. Tyler-Mullings, Mary Gotta, Ryan Coughlan. Open Electronic Resource: Manifold.


(*) Indicates Guttman Community College Undergraduate Author